“J” is just your typical regular dude leading that ordinary life and has been a life-long lover of all things Film, TV, Book and Gaming and reading since the days of Beta and VHS.
He thought he’d jump on the blogging bandwagon and create a site that documents his thoughts on said entertainment — with the hopes that a random wanderer and lover of entertainment stumbles across this page and enjoys the read.

His rating system is of 5 stars. ☆  being Dreadful, ☆☆☆☆☆  being that faultless masterpiece that occasionally comes along.
“J” also likes nachos, obscure 80’s horror movies and Oreos.

Should YOU – the random person passing through – be curious enough to request my take on a certain book, film, video game or TV show, you may contact the me at


I am happy to take upon recommended novels, films and television shows from people passing by.
As for what I review – well, I am happy reviewing anything and everything – you name it, I’ll tackle it. Unless it’s something like saucy Flintstones Fan fiction – the mind can only process so much.


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