“The Institute” by Stephen King | Book Review

There’s a magic to THE INSTITUTE and I’m not just talking about the gifted children that make up the majority of characters. The novel itself feels like old fashioned and vintage King, a thriller that feels more in tune with The Dead Zone than The Outsider. And hey, that’s the beauty of Stephen King, you’re never quite sure what’s coming at you with each novel.

The plot itself wastes no time setting up events and taking the reader on the journey. The plot moves quite fast through events and the occasional flabbiness that can come with some Stephen King works is not here with The Institute. Instead, this is a speedy thriller that makes use of its every page.

And it has got an interesting feel, I’ll give it that. Often, it feels different. Like a young adult novel. But there’s the familiar weirdness and horror lurking underneath that reminds you otherwise. There’s threads weaving in and out of this that are distinctly King. You’ll know what I mean if you read this.

But read this you should – THE INSTITUTE is a rollicking good yarn that never outstays it’s welcome nor does it feel over too quick in regards to its pacing. It’s just a perfectly plotted thriller with a colourful cast of characters and an engaging story.

J’s Verdict  ☆☆☆☆

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