‘Deathgasm’ (2015) Review

Written and directed by Jason Lei Howden, Deathgasm is a ridiculous horror-comedy for the metalhead out there that felt left out at one point or another in their lives.

Puerile, outrageous, over-the-top and even a little sexist, it’s a love-letter to the early films of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson – and to the cover art of the most brutal death metal albums out there on the planet.

The young cast really sell the film though. Even with a film so knee-deep in visual gags for gore or unsubtle in its comedy, it takes a certain level of comic timing to hit the right spot and each cast member works very well when it comes to pulling off the deadpan.

It’s a little uneven in its story – some things you can see coming as soon as the story hints at it, while character relationships could’ve used a couple more minutes to flesh out and expand to become more impactful and meaningful.

Yet the movie’s greatest strength – it’s ability to keep things moving fast with a quirky sense of humour – makes watching the film like listening to a speed metal album. That is to say, it’s a highly energetic ride that can be fun if you don’t think too long on its shortcomings here or there. Kinda like a tasty cookie that’s burnt around the edges.

If Brain Dead or The Evil Dead are some of your favourite films, give Deathgasm a look. You might be won over by its spirit.

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