‘Polaroid’ (2019) Film Review

Like the full length feature of Lights Out before it, The expanded upon Polaroid struggles to justify its full length with a twisty story that failed to engage me. 

I think the problem for me here was that, while it was certainly a competent film with plenty of atmosphere, the fact that I didn’t find it particularly scary – or as effective as the original – was playing in the back of my mind while watching.

If you strip that thought away, it’s a twisty, somewhat convoluted mystery, that – in a way – takes away a key element of the original that gave it a bit of heart.

Outside of featuring the same kind of effective editing and sound and camera work that was seen in the original short – also written and directed by Lars Klevberg – Polaroid becomes a bit slow and lacklustre for my taste. It looks good, it sounds good and features a solid cast but that’s about it for me.

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