‘Polaroid’ (2015) Short Film Review

Before I threw on a copy of 2019’s Polaroid, I decided to check out its origins – the 2015 short film by the same film-maker Lars Klevberg.

At 15 minutes, it’s a tight, atmospheric little piece, utilising lighting and editing effectively to conjure up scares and mood.

Lars Klevberg has a sharp mind for horror, I felt watching this. He builds tension by framing wide open spaces in a way that I was watching for something in the background – just in case something actually moved. In this instance, the film’s sense of unease rarely lets up.

The cast is made up of two young actresses, portrayed by, Annika Witt and Thea Sofie Loch Næss, who feel real – naturalistic. They help elevate the sense of normalcy running head on into terror.

If you’re looking for a horror short or just gearing up to watch the full length feature, do yourself a favour and check out this spooky short. It’ll act as a tasty little entree.

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