Chase (2019) Film Review

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 3.43.05 pm.png


Written and Directed by: Michael Matteo Rossi
Starring: Damien Puckler, Aries Spears, Jessica Morris, Devanny Pinn
Running Time: 84 minutes


When hardened hitman Chase finds something worth living for, he starts to plan out his exit strategy. Unfortunately for him, as all solid crime films have shown us, you’re never really out – and his boss and old friend sets in motion a plan that will test his loyalty to his love and to his friendship.

So tears off Writer/Director Michael Matteo Rossi’s CHASE, an 84 minute seedy neo-noir that hits the gas and soars off full-throttle through a neon-lit, blood-soaked affair that, while speeding across familiar story beats and tropes we’ve seen before, managed to win me over purely for its style and cast alone.

As Chase Damien Puckler is intense, whether he is spitting his lines through gritted teeth and wide, manic eyes or delivering the classic film-noir voice over with such characterisation that you’d think he’d been playing Chase for a few seasons on Television and is quite at home in the role.

As his counterpart and old friend Miles, Aries Spears seems to be relishing the role, alternating between sprouting darkly humorous barbs and coming forth with an air of menace.

In order for Chase to work, we have to believe in the friendship and the chemistry of these two men and Damien Puckler and Aries Spears pull this off effectively, creating not only a sense of warmth to be felt between the two but also this simmering intensity that makes their ultimate confrontation work effectively.

They’re backed up by a wonderful supporting cast that all seem to work well under the neon lights in this small seedy world – among them Jessica Morris, who brings a wonderful light to Chase’s other life without just being a damsel that needs saving in this world.

All these elements, coupled with the style, brooding musical score and the active, energetic cinematography, are all fused smashingly together by Writer / Director Michael Matteo Rossi to create a cohesive and entertaining picture that’s well worth your time.




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